C.S.I Home Church in Nagercoil

Home Church, Nagercoil is one of the oldest churches in Asia built during the British reign in India. It currently has the most number of members of all the churches in South Asia.

This is an outstanding example of the architectural achievement of the missionaries. With the permission of the queen of Travancore, Rev. Charles Mead, utilized the elephants of the Nagaraja Temple and the prisoners in the construction of the church, which has been called as “கற்கோயில் or Kalkoyil” (stone church) as it is built with huge stones.

The church construction was started on 1819. The building imposing Greek style is 140 ft long and 70 ft wide. This is one of the oldest and biggest of the protestant churches in South India. The edifice can provide accommodation for nearly 2500 people at a time.
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